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security camera installation

Want to monitor and record the activity on your property even when you're away? Get quality SecureCam™ video security equipment from Clarktel. What's more? Our product line is now smartphone compatible.




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security system installation

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Keep your home or business safe by installing a quality Security Camera system by SecureCam™.

Install our top-notch surveillance systems and rest easy knowing that all your belongings are safe and secure. Call to discuss your security concerns with professional SecureCam™ system installers at Clarktel.

Reasons why selecting Clarktel’s SecureCam™ systems makes economic sense:

  • FREE estimates

  • Do-it-yourself product line that is more economically feasible  

  • Professional installation for those who desire it

  • Serving customers for over 45 years 

5 Reasons to Install a Business or Home Security System

  1. Sense of security - Even just the presence of a security system can make a business more effective and efficient by giving the owners and employees peace of mind.

  2. Prevention - A thief will think twice when there is a security system present. It lets them know that you are serious about the security of your business and will deter them from targeting you.

  3. Customer Service - Not only does a sense of security put your employees at ease but also your customers.

  4. Handling Crime - Having a security system will deter crime in your business but it may still happen; having security measures in place will allow police to solve a crime quickly and get you back to business in no time!

  5. Monitoring - Take this responsibility off of your shoulders and leave your business security to a professional security system.

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