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security cameras for business

About Our Security Camera Systems and Services


ClarkTel offers value-added technology driven services. From CCTV surveillance to intrusion alarm systems, you can feel secure with our professional SecureCam™ security installation services and our DIY product lines that could save you money.

security systems for businesses

Hi-tech security camera products that will make you feel more safe


  • Voicemail and unified messaging

  • ACD and call center systems

  • Unified communications

  • Remote and on-site PBX support

  • Access control systems

  • Voice and data cable plant services

  • Cloud communications and more

Cost-effective video security solutions


Clarktel excels at making SecureCam™ video security systems available to both residential and commercial markets. Using cost-effective video security solutions, we aim to combat crime across the United States.


Our partnership with leading video surveillance system manufacturers and distributors helps us provide you with quality equipment at affordable prices.

video security solutions
wireless home security system

Benefits of a Wireless Home Security System

  • Wireless systems are more secure and allow you to have real-time awareness and alerts from your home, via your mobile app. These types of systems are increasingly tamper proof because there are no exposed lines that someone could cut from the outside of the house.

  • Wireless systems are easier to control and will allow for faster support should any problems arise. A service provider will be able to troubleshoot with you over the phone instead of you having to wait for a technician to come out to your house. Often times you can even use existing sensors from an old system however if you are in need of new sensors, you will not have to worry about running and hiding wires through your home. 

  • Your wireless system will also come with a phone app which you can use to monitor your surveillance footage live. You can check who is at the door before you answer it, monitor your kids in the backyard, or check on your pets while you are at work. If you are away on business or vacation, having the mobile security system app will give you peace of mind because you can monitor your home from wherever you are.

  • Ready to expand your system? As your family grows and evolves, your security needs may as well. If you need to add new cameras to your system throughout your house, perhaps to a new nursery, or on the outside of your home, it is easy to add on new cameras with a wireless system.


Let us know what exactly you are looking to protect and we will help you create a security system that is just right for you and your family!

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